Life Is An Experiment; Problems Are Part Of It.

Mindset - Principles - Process

Our job is solving issues by designing experiments. We get there by searching the symptoms, identifying root-causes and treat them. Our approach is best described as a spiced combination of different domains that resonate with each other:


Our invisible and yet powerful creative problem-solving mindset is Design thinking.

When companies need to create something new or solve complex challenges, they can use design thinking to help them get to that solution. Design Thinking focuses explicitly on the human-centred side of problem-solving and is a fantastic thing if it is thought as a philosophy, a mindset.

The unfortunate situation is that Design Thinking is often sold to companies as a toolbox or process to build engaging products with a unique User Experience. Design Thinking philosophies in are fantastic but they do not translate into a fast and cost-effective approach for creating a product or elaborating strategies.

The reality is that with Design Thinking alone, you don't build products. Running Design Thinking workshops, resulting in walls full of post-its, personas, and user-journeys will not succeed in developing a great product that your user wants.

For that, you need a guide or a method to implement your design thinking principles, a step by step guide to get your product or new features validated and market-ready.

That step by step guide or recipe is called a design sprint.


Our applied principles rely on developing strategies, products, and services in close connection to the market by testing and validating hypothesis as fast as possible.

No fat? Well, we tell our client we only focus on the essentials when the future is guaranteed. We love to multiply the scenarios and forget about no-fat diet when the future requires designing several options. Lean-Startup is good sometimes, but it should not be applied blindly.

At Beautfiul Minds, we believe in necessary redundancy when the situation requires exploring multiple scenarios.

Because we want to help all types of businesses to adapt faster to market changes and thrive for evolution, we don’t tick the boxes of a future-proofed strategy, nor do we choose the single option or one size-fit-all approach. We believe in a setting of mindsets, tactics, and strategy.

From the most avoided Fragile & Anti-agile ones to most desired Agile and sometimes Antifragile.

After all,

“Never was anything great achieved without danger.”
― Niccolo Machiavelli


Our tangible process is a Design Sprint, a five day, five-phased time-constrained and interdisciplinary process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing risk when developing a strategy, bringing a new product, service, or feature to the market.

The process aims at helping teams to clearly define goals, validating assumptions and deciding on a roadmap before starting to implement the selected solution(s). Yet it is called a Design Sprint but this is not an Agile Sprint. 

At Beautiful Minds, we adapted the Sprint process into a 4-week journey. This results in a more comprehensive and less turbulent time-schedule.

Here is a detailed outline:

We use this framework and adapt it to different types of Sprints. It is obvious that for a Strategy Sprint, we don't use all the same techniques and workshops as for a Design Sprint or an Innovation Sprint.

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